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Whenever possible, LCS publishes results of research and industry projects in order to spread newly gained knowledge with a wide public community for triggering multiplier effects.


Publications by our clients (more information available upon request)

  • Airbus: Hybrid jointing technologies (ecology and economics)
  • Audi: Hybrid jointing technologies (ecology and economics)
  • Audi/Daimler/Dürr/Fraunhofer IPA/Wörwag: Modular painting (ecology)
  • Bayer MaterialScience: Low temperature materials for automotive painting (ecology and economics)
  • BMW: Clear coat technologies for automotive painting (ecology)
  • Bombardier: Hybrid jointing technologies (ecology and economics)
  • Daimler: Cleaning of automobile bodies (ecology)
  • Fraunhofer ISC: Switchable optical layers (ecology)
  • Fried Kunststofftechnik: Energy and material efficiency
  • John Deere: Energy and material efficiency
  • Richard Henkel: Energy and material efficiency
  • Sauter: Powder coating (ecology)
  • Schupp Musterkarten: Energy and material efficiency
  • Volkswagen: Automotive painting (ecology and economics)



Current presentations and publications by LCS